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Bespoke Legal Services for Businesses of all Sizes



Poltorak Law, P.C., is the product of founder David Poltorak's vision: a law practice that provides excellent legal services within the context of a close attorney-client relationship.


At PLPC, you will not have to submit to the counsel of uncaring attorneys who never take a genuine, personal interest in you and your business and who don't concern themselves with your underlying circumstances. Instead, at PLPC, you and your business will be prime and center, because PLPC believes that lawyers should care.

In light of this firm belief that lawyers should care for their clients, PLPC will not only close the most pressing deal or resolve the most urgent controversy weighing you down but will strive to craft holistic strategies with an eye to your business's goals and visions. PLPC will successfully tend to your business in a personalized manner, enabling you to succeed and thrive.

Practice areas include but are not limited to general business law, contracts and agreements, civil litigation, commercial litigation, and real estate.


PLPC is a shomer shabbos practice, where top-of-the-line legal services are coupled with sensitivity towards halacha and Torah business ethics.

Give us a chance with your matter. Because PLPC believes that lawyers should care.



Every step of the journey that led me to where I am now has been guided by divine providence and has prepared me to represent my clients faithfully, expertly and successfully.

From when I was a child until my mid-twenties, I studied at some of the very best yeshivot in the United States and abroad. These yeshivot provided a robust Talmudic education, which has built my character and sharpened my mind. Yeshiva made me a better person—and prepared me to be an excellent lawyer.

After graduating yeshiva with a rabbinic degree, I attended Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, D.C. At Georgetown, I received the very best instruction on the law and its practice from brilliant and scholarly professors as well as from seasoned practitioners. In 2011, I graduated from Georgetown with honors.

My next step was the United States Senate. Upon completing law school, a dream of mine came true: I interned for a year as a lawyer for the United States Senate Judiciary Committee. My Committee work included drafting legislation and vetting judges, amongst other important and fascinating assignments. My time at the U.S. Capitol was both exhilarating and deeply rewarding.

When my internship at the Capitol came to an end, I got married and moved with my wife to New York. For the next ten years I worked at excellent law firms, acquiring experience and expertise in the private practice of law. 

And then came Covid-19. The epidemic, devastating as it is, inspired an epiphany for me, as it has for so many others: I can and must do this on my own; I need to realize my own dreams and ambitions, and this is the juncture at which I would make that happen.

Poltorak Law PC is the realization of that epiphany: I launched the firm mid-2021 and I haven't looked back. At PLCP I employ my natural and acquired skills towards my clients' success. I want you to succeed because I care for you and your business. Because PLPC believes that lawyers should care.

David Poltorak



David always delivers quality work (proven by quality results) on time . . . in a personable manner. From the many people and businesses referred, the feedback is always stellar!

Chesky W.

David Poltorak is an excellent attorney. I am very satisfied with his work. Highly recommended!

Eli R.

[R]eliable, intelligent, and ready to go the extra mile for his clients. Highly recommended.

Shaya G.




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